Welcome to Fitzgerald Products

Fitzgerald Products, strategically located in the Southeast (Birmingham, AL), specializes in component manufacturing of aluminum and zinc castings. Fitzgerald Products is the parent company of North American Casting and North American Die Casting.

With a proven track record of reliability and performance, Fitzgerald Products would like to be your trusted source for metal castings. Our partners benefit from our knowledge and expertise in die casting technology, and look to Fitzgerald Products to improve the quality and competitiveness of their products.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for one hundred or a million castings a year; top quality, fair pricing, and on-time delivery are priorities for all orders. We are ISO 9001:2001 UL certified, have over 35,000 square feet of manufacturing space, and are capable of producing both zinc and aluminum alloy die castings from miniature to over ten pounds. We have an in-house machine shop and a full range of finishing services.

If you are interested instead in sand, investment, or permanent mold castings, Fitzgerald Products has an extensive network of foundry capabilities we have built up over three decades of being in the casting and die casting business. Utilize our experience and connections to ensure you get the right metal, proper method, and best price for all your casting needs.

What makes Fitzgerald Products stand out from our competition is our people. Our core management group has an average of twenty years industry experience, and with the same company! This company commitment carries over to our treatment of our customers, and the experience they bring to the table is evident from the quality products we produce.