Our People

We pride ourselves on being able to handle any challenge at Fitzgerald Products. Each of our experienced management team averages over twenty years in the casting industry and is available to assist you. We will never claim to be one of the largest die casters in the country…just one of the best.

Terri Gaquerel, Operations Manager: Terri has been with Fitzgerald Products for 23 years and started her career on the shop floor as quality control. She knows the business from the ground up, and stays on top of the status of all orders and ensures on-time deliveries. If you have a problem, or do not understand a process, Terri has the answer.
Danny Pike, Engineering Manager: Danny has been with the company for over twenty years and has been key to our success. In addition to traditional skills, Danny has an innate talent for solving die casting problems that can’t be resolved through conventional process engineering methods. He is a customer favorite because of his design assistance.
Lonny Gaquerel, Casting Supervisor: Lonny also has been with the company for over twenty years. He is the consummate die caster, and knows the die casting process and production inside out. He keeps our employees safe, product moving, and ensures the work stays on schedule. Lonny’s technical suggestions often improve the quality and delivery of product.
Maurice J. Fitz-Gerald, President: Maurice has been in the casting industry since he was a teenager. His business strategy is simple, to do everything in our power to make our customers successful, because it is their success that ensures our prosperity. Maurice is extremely well networked in the industry and is called on often as a casting consultant and broker of services.